EUSC EU-China Security Cooperation:
performance and prospects
a Jean Monnet Multilateral
Research Group
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Project description

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 Project description
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The interdisciplinary project seeks to examine a range of aspects in the field of EU-China security cooperation.

Key issues:

  • concerns over nuclear proliferation, international terrorist threats and cyber attacks

  • issues of climate change, migration and organised crime.

The objectives: to explore

  • the extent to which there is convergence or divergence in the area of EU China security cooperation

  • the reasons for either occurrence

  • the prospects for further security collaboration between the two partners.


The added value of this research arises from the capacity of the research group to analyse various dimensions of the security cooperation between the EU and China, and to do so in a comparative, relational (inter-regional) and multidisciplinary fashion.

The bringing together of scholars from the EU and Asia will facilitate the comparative aspect of the research and strengthen the knowledge base of how the EU and China perceive and respond to security threat challenges in ten specific security dimensions: nuclear proliferation; international terrorism and organised crime; climate change and energy policy; human security; civil protection; regional conflicts; immigration/migration and identity; cyber attacks; maritime security; and the economic dimension of security.

We will attempt to pair a European with an Asian scholar as much as possible in the assessment of the individual security dimensions and chapter production.

The investigation will establish assessment scales in order to provide a systematic account of the converging or diverging positions of the two partners with regard to the ten security dimensions.


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